Property buyers beware: Bernard Street Mews

This week i had a chance to access a new conversion development down on Bernard Street Leith; Called Bernard Street Mews, it is being sold as a “high-end” development. But the truth of it having seen the inside of the place and the horribly designed flats, i can tell you they are to be avoided.

Before the building was developed the rooms/areas were quite large and spacious. but the developer has taken that away by trying to cram as many flats as possible into the development. Also the type of walls they use internally, i would question whether or not you would get a good nights sleep. The designer as ruined the internal architecture of what was once a beautiful building. The extremely large windows facing out on Bernard street are beautiful things, but yet the flats they are part of, are tiny beyond belief. Its horrible when a beautiful historical building gets ruined.

Also to local Leithers i would say to you to be on your guard. A lot of those flats will be bought up by airbnb opportunists. A certain number will probably get used for make-shift brothels.

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