Need Scottish participants for psychological study

Hi reddit,

I’m a social psychology student at the University of Edinburgh and I’m recruiting Scottish participants for my dissertation project.

Specifically I’m looking for Scottish participants who are over 18 and live in Scotland. This is a study on attitudes towards English and Scottish people and will involve completing a computer task as well as a questionnaire. It will take less than 30 minutes and you will be compensated £4 for your participation. All studies will take place at the University of Edinburgh Psychology Department, 7 George Square. All you need to do is sign up through the link below to come into the lab at a time that suits you best:

Please participate and share if you can, or if you have any advice on where to post my ad to get more people I would really appreciate it. I need 100 participants and don’t have a lot of time. Please help me pass my degree!

Thank you!

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