Fringe tickets to give away

Had a moment of madness back in April and booked shows for the Comedy Fringe Fest. Purse strings have tightened since then, so no longer going.

Let me know if you want me to send you (free) single tickets to any of the following:

* Sunday 11th Aug, 18:00 – [Fern Brady](
* Monday 12th Aug, 18:05 – [Elizabethan](
* Tuesday 13th Aug, 19:40 – [Andrew Maxwell](
* Tuesday 13th Aug, 22:30 – [Thrones! The Musical Parody](
* Wednesday 14th Aug, 13:30 – [Impromptu Shakespeare](
* Wednesday 14th Aug, 17:00 – [Maisie Adam](
* Wednesday 14th Aug, 19:45 – [John Pendal](
* Wednesday 14th Aug, 21:30 – [Spontaneous Potter](
* Friday 16th Aug, 12:00 – [Eclipse](
* Friday 16th Aug, 17:15 – [Alison Spittle](
* Friday 16th Aug, 19:30 – [Tommy Tiernan](
* Saturday 17th Aug, 19:00 – [Sarah Kendall](
* Saturday 17th Aug, 21:00 – [Foil Arms & Hog]( (front stalls, third row)
* Sunday 18th Aug, 20:00 – [Adam Kay](

As you can see, was a complete idiot but am still gutted I can’t go. Have also checked with the Fringe Box Office – they don’t care what name the ticket’s booked under, they’re fine with passing on tickets as they don’t do refunds.

Therefore might as well give them away for free, do a good turn, etc.

Hoping there are a few of you locals who are interested… Let me know which ones you want, I’ll send by post asap. If someone wants to take them all off my hands, please do.

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