Foxes attacking cats?

I stupidly let the cat out (into a shared garden in Stockbridge) yesterday evening at about 11.30pm… he’s usually back in 20 min later (we’ve got one of those cat door bells that alerts you he’s waiting) but the little fella completely buggered off… 00:30 and i hear an unholy din of hoarse screaming/barking/snarling – definitely fox(es?) basically the kind of noise you’d expect to hear if a pack of foxes was joyfully ripping your cat apart. I couldn’t see any sign of his royal furriness anywhere…paced around the kitchen alternating between reading stories of cats attacking foxes and googling 24 hour veterinary services… and then the little bastard nonchalantly turns up at 2am, not a mark on him.

I certainly won’t be making the same mistake again, but do Edinburgh foxes really pose a danger to domestic cats? One of the highlights of last nights sleepless cat vigil was this well balanced and not in the last bit hysteria-inducing article (granted from 2005) which pretty well convinced me I’d be picking up his decapitated remains in the morning []( We’ve recently moved up here from Oxfordshire and the foxes down there are fairly timid little dudes (probably weary from being chased around by toff scum)… Can anyone attest to the capital’s foxes being cat eating monsters?

**TLDR**: Thought the cat was eaten by a fox, cat is absolutely fine. Are Edinburgh’s urban foxes a danger to cats?


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